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Choosing the right turf can be daunting and will have an enormous impact on the look of your outdoor area, whether a school playground, a sporting field or the lawn for your backyard. SAND4U has been a prime turf supplier to Australians for decades. In that time, we learned to recognise quality and understand the best turf variety for different uses and environments. This experience, combined with the quality of our range, makes us highly qualified to get you the products you need on time and within budget.

Sapphire Buffalo

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Sapphire buffalo grass has all the benefits of the other high performance soft leaf buffalo grass, such as: needing less water, deep roots, greener in Winter, a good sun or shade turf, and it’s hard wearing.

However, Sapphire buffalo grass has the added benefit of a finer texture.

Sapphire buffalo grass does not rely on fine leaves for its fine texture but its folding leaf. When Sapphire buffalo grass matures, its leaf folds at tight angles along its axis, resulting in a fine texture. This is important because fine leaf buffalo lawns usually have thatch problems, are shallow rooted, poor wearing and are slow growing. A Sapphire buffalo lawn does not suffer from these problems.

Not only is a Sapphire buffalo lawn hard wearing, due to its quick recovery from wear damage, but it is also shade tolerant like all other good varieties of buffalo grass. It is an easy grass to grow. Its fine texture makes a Sapphire buffalo lawn different from other buffalo lawn varieties. Until now, finely textured buffalo lawns have been slow growing and shallow rooted, but a Sapphire buffalo lawn is different. We believe it is the only fine textured, quick recovering buffalo grass in the world. And a Sapphire buffalo lawn also has excellent disease tolerance and great winter colour.

Hot Weather Tolerance

Excellent/Thrives in hot, humid and desert areas.

Shade Tolerance

Best Buffalo in the shade. Good for 0-60% shade. Often works in 70%, but with reduced quality.

Wear Resistance

Excellent, with a very fast recovery.

Mowing Height

35mm – 45mm in full sun and 50mm to 60mm in the shade.


Fine compared to other good buffalo grass varieties. Soft to the touch.


2 times/year in Autumn & Spring


Kikuyu turf

Kikuyu grass has been highly popular as a lawn in many environments in Australia for decades. It is inexpensive to purchase, requires minimal lawn care to remain healthy, and grows and repairs quickly. However, lawn mowing frequencies will be higher than any other turf species, often requiring lawn mowing every week in Summer. As well as requiring regular Vertimowing to remove thatch build up. Kikuyu grass is also highly invasive to surrounding garden beds. Kikuyu lawn is widely used as the first choice for many community sporting ovals and schools in many states, the reasons for this choice are the same as listed in the attributes just mentioned, but the primary reason for this lawn choice is its quick repair capabilities, required by the oval’s use as a sporting venue, or play area.

Hot Weather Tolerance

Great/Thrives in humid areas.

Shade Tolerance

Good, but prefers sun to give better quality.

Wear Resistance

High but not as quick to repair. Aggressive runners who run into garden beds if not managed

Mowing Height

30mm – 40mm in full sun and 45mm to 60mm in the shade.


Course leaf with aggressive runners when growing.


1-2 times /year

Shademaster Turf

Shademaster Turf

Shademaster is the first pioneer of Australian Soft Leaf Buffalo varieties, premium multi-purpose and economical. It is an extremely hardy turf and can tolerate various conditions and situations, with excellent shade tolerance and a vigorous growth rate. It has a broad dark green leaf and minimal thatch.

Excellent for heavy traffic areas and can compete against weeds. Shademaster Buffalo prefers a warmer climate. However, it can also perform well in cooler temperate regions.

Maintenance with Shademaster is moderate to high and, coupled with its economical price, makes it very popular and an ideal option. Shademaster has a rapid establishment rate and therefore is ideal for the landscaping industry and local governments.

Shademaster also excels well in the home garden as it has exceptional growth and can withstand high traffic and pets. Shademaster is versatile; it thrives in full sun and partial shade, making it an excellent lawn. Shademaster is extremely salt tolerant, making it suitable for coastal areas.


Shademaster’s vigorous nature allows it to handle heavy traffic without damage. A very hardy & resilient Soft Leaf Buffalo has excellent recovery from wear and tear.


It has a medium dark green colour

Hot Weather Tolerance

Shademaster is very versatile and thrives in full-sun areas.

Shade Tolerance

Shademaster has excellent shade tolerance due to its large, broad leaf structure and will adapt to semi-shady areas.


Has a broad medium dark coloured leaf with a softer and lusher growth character.

Cold Tolerance

It will become dormant in colder regions but recover quickly in early spring.

Salt Tolerance

Excellent salt tolerance, which makes it suitable for coastal regions.


Fertiliser should be well balanced and used to the manufacturer’s specifications; it’s best in light application regularly, approximately 4-12 weeks. There are specially formulated professional blend fertilisers that contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can purchase from your local supplier or nursery.

Helping You to Choose the Right Turf for You

The SAND4U turf supplies are picked for their tolerance, colour and ability to withstand wear and tear. With each project requiring a different type of turf, our staff can help you choose the right variety for you.

Our Sapphire Buffalo option is fantastic for anyone looking for grass in arid or hot and humid country areas, with great winter colour and fast recovery. If you are looking for grass with a rapid rate of establishment, strong resistance to wear and excellent shade tolerance, then perhaps the Shademaster Turf is your best bet. Or, if you are looking for a quick-growing option perfect for sporting fields, you can’t go wrong with our Kikuyu range.

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