Site Safety

Site safety gear and equipment 

From barrier tape and bunting to safety signs and hard hats, Sand4U makes it easy to keep safe on your worksite or even at your home renovation project with our extensive range of safety equipment. 

As a safety equipment supplier for all of Sydney, we keep our store stocked with safety gear for all sorts of projects. From basic gloves and safety glasses to P2 respirators for messier jobs, you’ll find it at Sand4U. 

Keep your personnel safe with hi-visibility vests, ear plugs and hard hats, or keep the general public out of harm’s way with barrier tape and safety signs.

Whether you’re a tradesperson, construction worker or a DIYer, Sand4U has safety supplies and personal protective equipment for all situations. 

A one-stop shop for safety gear and sand supplies

Stock up on PPE and safety equipment before your job begins, or add it to your order, and we can deliver it along with the building and landscaping supplies, such as sand or gravel, that you require for your project. 

With our large fleet of vehicles, we’ll never miss a deadline. We deliver all over Sydney, 6 days a week and often on the same day. Whether you’re based in Bankstown or Paramatta, we can bring your supplies straight to your job site. 

Why you shouldn’t skip stocking up on safety supplies 

Working at heights, in confined spaces and with power tools are considered some of the most dangerous jobs in construction. However, even seemingly harmless practices, such as being exposed to certain types of dust, can cause serious diseases over long periods of time. 

Long-term health effects and accidents in the building industry can be prevented by following the correct safety procedures and protecting yourself and your employees with the right equipment. 

So, grab those safety glasses and a P2 respirator from Sand4U. They could save your eyesight or even your life! 

Even DIYers should protect themselves with the right safety gear as accidents and injuries from home renovations account for a large portion of hospitalisations in Australia each year. 

When it comes to sand, we deliver

As well as safety supplies and protective gear, Sand4U has a wide range of landscaping and building products to choose from. Check out our enormous range of sand products for your Sydney construction project. 

And don’t forget, we can deliver your safety and personal protective gear along with your building or landscaping supplies, right across Sydney, 6 days a week. Just give us a call at 1300 787 485 for more information.