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Garden mulches, bark and wood chips have become a staple of most garden and outdoor landscaping projects. SAND4U has a strong reputation for providing quality materials for landscaping, construction and other outdoor projects. We are experts in providing the right material for the job and are available to deliver six days a week across the Sydney metropolitan area.

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Red Woodchip - Mulch Suppliers Sydney
Red Wood Chip

This red dyed pine bark mulch is bright and is great for decorating gardens or feature areas

Eucalyptus Mulch / Soft Fallmulches
Eucalyptus Mulch / Soft Fall

This very fine premium mulch with its light brown colour and softness, perfect for Soft-fall (certified) or in your garden.

Soils and Garden Mix
Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch is premium fine mulch great for your garden or landscaping. With a nice aroma and natural properties, it help keep the bugs away. It lasts for longer periods and suppresses weed growth.

Hardwood Chip - Mulches
Hardwood Chip

Hardwood chip is a long-lasting, rough-cut hardwood chip mulch that maintains its natural colours for months. Our biggest selling Woodchip.

Looking For Mulch & Wood Chip in Bulk?

Covering the ground in mulch is one of the best and easiest ways to protect plant roots during winter and provide year-round beauty. Your entire landscape will thrive with a layer of carefully selected mulch.

Garden Mulch

Our garden mulches are specifically chosen for their quality and provide a range of uses in parks, gardens and playgrounds.

Cypress Mulch is fantastic for retaining soil moisture and discouraging the growth of weeds, which is vital to plant growth. It also has the added benefit of a pleasant natural aroma that keeps pests away.

Eucalyptus Mulch can be used in much the same way; however, it also has the added benefit of being a certified soft-fall material, making it a fantastic choice for childrens playgrounds.

Bark and Wood Chip

Much like our garden mulches, our selection of bark and wood chips are primarily used in outdoor projects to help the growth of flora.

Our Hardwood Chip is our most popular mulch, providing excellent moisture retention and a slow breakdown cycle, meaning it can do its job for a very long time.

Red Wood Chip also provides an added decorative flair with its bright red appearance to add colour to outdoor spaces.

Protect Plant Roots and Improve Soil Temperature

Mulch is the ultimate gardening tool for saving time, beautifying the landscape and simplifying your maintenance. When you use high-quality mulch in your garden, it strengthens your plants in their fight against both pests and weeds.

Mulch protects your plants by keeping nutrients in, improving water retention, suppressing weeds, preventing moisture loss and making the soil warmer for more manageable plant growth.

Wood chips and mulch provide a thick protective layer over your plants, enhancing moisture retention and soil temperature control. They are the perfect solution for garden beds as they stop plants from drying out quickly and reduce the need for constant watering. Additionally, mulch adds vital nutrients and extra nitrogen to your plants.

During the cool winter, mulch provides a warm protective layer across your garden beds. The best winter mulches are Cypress Mulch, Red Wood Chip and Hardwood Chip. The amount of mulch supplies you may need will fluctuate with the seasons, and winter has restrictions.

Your Garden Supplies Sorted

Many gardeners have preferences when they apply mulch based on the different types of shrubs, plants or trees in their garden and the type of environment they are working with. When gravel, pebbles and other landscape fabrics, such as black plastic, fail to enhance the soil and prevent a breakthrough of weeds, mulching is your perfect solution.

At Sand4U, we proudly provide a wide range of mulch supplies, either in large-size bulk or small amounts suitable for the at-home gardener. Our customers work on all types of domestic and commercial gardening projects, and we love helping each one find the best results with our range of products and services.

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Sand4U provides quick and efficient delivery across Sydney 6 days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between organic mulches and inorganic mulches?

Inorganic mulches will likely endure throughout the seasons but will not decompose or add nutrients to your landscape. Organic mulch will decompose to add to the fertilisation of the garden. Organic mulches include formerly living material such as chopped leaves, bark straw, sugar cane, and leaf mulch.

Which mulch is best to prevent weeds?

Cypress mulch or wood chip applied to the surface of your garden protects the soil and is effective in preventing weeds.

What kind of mulch is good for vegetable gardens?

This will depend on the type of vegetable garden you have, but cypress mulch or eucalyptus mulch are generally the best for garden beds with a bug fighting aroma and soft texture.

Do wood chips stop weeds from growing?

A thick layer of wood chips will suppress weed growth. If any grow through small holes, they are usually weak and easy to pull out by hand. Refreshing the wood chip annually will keep the weeds at bay as it is an organic matter and a 2-inch depth is best for weed suppression.

Do you sell sugar cane mulch?

No, however our Eucalyptus Mulch provides a soft feel and light brown aesthetic similar to sugar cane.

Can grass clippings be used in garden beds?

They can, however grass decomposes quickly and is susceptible to becoming slimy if applied incorrectly or in piles.

What impacts the breaking down of mulch?

There are a few factors that contribute to the breaking down of your mulch. These include:

  • The moisture of the soil
  • The warmth of the soil
  • If the mulch has been treated
  • If there have been any additives to the mulch

How quickly will my mulching break down?

There is no single answer to this question with many different factors in play. Untreated mulch will start to break down by around 12 months in typical Sydney weather.

Within three years, the mulch will likely be fully broken down and adding essential nutrients to your soil. Treated wood chips take longer to fully break down, around 4 years, however they may need to be topped up around 12 – 24 months to keep up the consistency and depth for effective weed suppression.