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Sand4U is your first choice for building and landscape supplies. Whether it be a backyard make-over, new home, multi-residential development or major civil works we are ready to assist.

Stockists of: Sands, soils, gravels, cement, mulches, decorative pebbles, hardware, bricks, blocks, lintels, dampcourse, turf and much more. Supplying the Civil, Construction and Landscape industries, Builders, Developers, Tilers, Renderers, Bricklayers, Plumbers, Drainers, Roofers, Concreters, Shop Fitters, Owner Builders, DIY and the General Public.

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sydney sandSand

A course sand with small fines which gives good compaction and filtration is ideal for paving or supporting water piping.

soilSoils & Garden Mix

A blend of soil, graded ash, coarse sand, composted sawdust, humus mix & composted pine bark.


From fine gravel to aggregate, our range of gravels is perfect for decorative and practical purposes.


This red dyed pine bark mulch is bright and is great for decorating gardens or feature areas.


Sapphire buffalo grass does not rely on fine leaves for its fine texture, but its folding leaf.

cementCements & Dry Mixes

Blue Circe ® Builders Clay is a finely milled air separated fire clay.

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We are passionate about delivering quality soils, sands and gravels throughout Sydney Bayside at wholesale prices.

Visit us at 12 Chisholm Rd Sefton or email / call to place your order.

We services all areas of Sydney including Bankstown, Parramatta and Blacktown.

Our Range of Supplies

We supply all building and landscaping materials, from sand to gravel, soil, cement, turf, pebbles, and more. Our building materials and hardware products are available at competitive prices for commercial, industrial, and residential construction. When shopping with us, you can expect the best quality materials for every job, every time.

On-Time & 6 Days a Week

Sand4U has been a reliable supplier of quality sand servicing the Sydney area for many years. When it comes to quality look no further.  Sand4U not only supplies quality sand products, but we also deliver on time 6 days a week with outstanding customer service.

Commercial Building Supplies

Look no further if you’re a commercial builder or looking for building supplies for your home. We’ve helped builders and people in the landscaping industry in Sydney for many years. Our products are top quality, and we work with your schedule to ensure you have your building supplies delivered on time and where you need them.

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If you’re looking for landscaping supplies in Sydney and suburbs like Parramatta or Blacktown then contact Sand4u.

Our Services:

turf supplies Sydney

We Cater

Suppliers of Sands, Soils, Gravels, Cements, Mulches, Decorative Pebbles, Hardware, Tools, Bricks, Blocks, Dampcourse, Lintels, Turf and much more.

Yard Pickup For Landscaping & Building Supplies

Yard Pickup

Whether it be a pre-packed 20KG bag of sand, box trailer of soil, truck load of gravel, a nut, a bolt, a bag of cement or one of the many products stocked. We will get you in and out with minimal waiting time!

Building and Landscaping Delivery Truck

Standard Delivery Hours

Delivering Sydney Wide 6 Days a week from 6.30am–5.00pm. Our fleet of trucks offer various delivery options to suit your requirements.

15 Tonne Bogey

After Delivery Hours

We specialise in the delivery of landscaping materials anywhere, anytime, 24 hours 7 days a week to Sydney metro sites. Whether you require materials to a Shopping Centre after closing hours or a major road project, we can make it happen.

Have you got any questions for us? Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information.

Have you got any questions for us? Please visit our frequently asked questions page for more information.

Get To Know More About Us

Sand4U has been supplying the landscaping industry for over a century in Sydney, making us some of the most experienced providers of landscaping supplies in the city. Our extensive range of landscaping supplies has been specially chosen to reflect the best materials available on the market. At Sand4U, we have the reputation and scale to supply not just small private enterprises but also large infrastructure projects.

Some of our most popular products include landscaping sands that can be used for concrete, mortar or pavement, gravels for aggregate and concreting, cement and dry mixes for quality construction, as well as bricks and blocks at scale. Whatever your landscaping supply needs, Sand4U has it available for pick up or delivery across the greater Sydney area.

We offer a unique mix of personalised attention and highly scalable landscaping supply services, which makes us perfectly placed to supply both individual DIY hobbyists and large businesses working on building and infrastructure projects. No matter how large or small, Sand4U is the number one supply specialist in Sydney.

We have been sourcing premium landscaping supplies for many years. During that time, we have developed relationships with our customers and made a name for ourselves based on our expertise, quality, reliability, and excellent customer service.

High-Quality Landscaping Supplies for Ground and Soil Works

When considering landscaping, one of the most important features is the aesthetics of the material you are using. That is why we only offer the best quality landscaping supplies, ensuring that your project is not only durable and resilient but also looks good.

Our popular landscaping products include landscaping soils for healthy lawns and gardens, mulches for moisture retention and decoration, pebbles for use in the garden or lining the driveway, and some of the best-quality turf in Australia, suited for a variety of needs and environments.

Whether you are endeavouring to restore your own backyard or engaging in a public park project, we offer cost-efficient pickup and delivery options for all our high-quality landscaping supplies.

Convenient and Flexible Delivery Near You

SAND4U services are designed to be as convenient as possible for our customers, which is why our supply options are flexible to suit you and your preferred method of pick-up or delivery.

If you prefer to pick up your landscaping supplies in person, you can come down to our compound and see the stock yourself. Not only will this let you review the quality but it will allow you to talk to our experts on-site who can help you decide which landscaping materials are right for you.

If you want to maximise your convenience, we offer both standard and after-hours delivery services, this means that we can deliver your supplies on-site any time of the week, without needing you to be there to receive them. We also sport a fleet of delivery trucks, which means that large volume deliveries are one of our strengths.