Our Supplies

At Sand 4 U, we carry a huge range of building materials and hardware products at competitive prices for commercial, industrial and residential construction use. No matter the project, large or small, we will have the supplies and building materials sorted so that you can focus on getting the job done.

We have been providing strong material and a full range of building products within the Sydney region ever since our beginning, from our purpose-built 4000m2 facility. Whether you need supplies delivered for your next large infrastructure job, your small business project, DIY construction job, or you simply want to see the full range of products that are available in the construction market, our Sydney crew can help.

Offering 6 days a week, after hours deliveries with an extensive fleet of trucks, equipped to haul even the most hardcore supplies, you can rest assured that your supplies and materials will arrive on your job, in time to begin construction.

We are Sydney’s trusted landscaping and building suppliers who will give the right price and the best quality materials for every job, every time.

Browse Our Range of Supplies

sydney sandSand

A course sand with small fines which gives good compaction and filtration is ideal for paving or supporting water piping.

soilSoils & Garden Mix

A blend of soil, graded ash, coarse sand, composted sawdust, humus mix & composted pine bark.


From fine gravel to aggregate, our range of gravels is perfect for decorative and practical purposes.


This red dyed pine bark mulch is bright and is great for decorating gardens or feature areas.


Sapphire buffalo grass does not rely on fine leaves for its fine texture, but its folding leaf.

cementCements & Dry Mixes

Blue Circe ® Builders Clay is a finely milled air separated fire clay.

pebblesDecorative Pebbles

A fantastic addition to any home providing a bit of colour and texture to most indoor & outdoor settings.

lintelLintels & T Bars

Your option of lintels and T-bars including flat bar, galintel, render bar, concrete lintel and T-beams.

brick blocksBricks & Blocks

Bricks & blocks have been the material of choice for construction for a very long time. Easy to transport, use & maintain

dampcourse productsDampcourse, Lead & Slipjoint

This range includes standard alcor, poly, malthoid, lead flashing and slip joints.

mesh barMesh, Bar & Joints

Reinforcement or REO mesh and bars are the skeletons holding our modern buildings together.

sub surface drainageSub Surface Drainage

Lightweight and high strength modular drainage cell designed primarily for sub-surface drainage.

acrylic renderAcrylic Renders

A type of plastic called acrylic into the mix to make a highly durable and flexible render for internal and external surfaces.