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Cements and dry mixes are the bedrock of any modern infrastructure project. At SAND4U we ensure that our clients have access to the supplies they need to build quality structures with materials that they know they can trust. With a long history of supplying the construction industry, we deliver to all parts of Sydney, and guarantee prompt, excellent service.

Cement Bags

All our cements and dry mixes come in 20kg cement bags. This makes them easy to move and store, and ensures that no cross contamination occurs between building materials. This is particularly important onsite where cements and dry mixes need to be easily identifiable and easily moved for mixing.

Cement, Sand & Concrete Mixes

Our mixes are specifically chosen from Boral’s range of quality cement and concrete materials. Boral is an excellent brand with a strong reputation for providing reliable building materials for all types of construction projects.
Our selection of sand and cement mixes ranges from Off-White Cement, which is perfect for attractive landscaping and finishes to Builders Cement, designed to be used in brickwork and masonry.
We also provide a number of concrete options including Concrete Mix for general purpose concrete needs to Quick Set Concrete for accelerated finishes.
Our range also extends to Bitupak, Uni-Grout, Plaster Lime and a variety of Clay mixes.

Sydney Cement, Concrete & Dry Mix Delivery

SAND4U delivers bulk cement, concrete and dry mix to sites all over Sydney. We specialise in providing materials for all types of construction projects, from large building and infrastructure developments to smaller houses and private residences, we ensure that our clients have the right materials for the job. Call us on 1300 787 485 to discuss how we might support your next project today.

20kg Boral Concrete Mix

A proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands and cement. Suitable for all general purpose applications.

20kg Boral Off-White Cement

Blue Circle® Off White Cement is combined with selected sands, aggregates and oxides to provide a wide range of attractive architectural finishes in brick and blockwork mortar, rendering, exposed aggregate pavements, panels and terrazzo.

20kg Boral GP Cement

General Purpose or “GP Cement” is used in general and major construction projects and in concrete product applications. It can be used in concretes, mortars, and grouts where chemical attack is not a predicted risk.

Where concrete has a specific requirement for resistance to sulphate and chloride attack, Blue Circle Special Purpose Cement is more appropriate.

20kg Boral Builders Clay

Blue Circle® Builders Clay is a finely milled air separated fire clay. It is also known as a kaolinic clay possessing high plasticity, dry strength and refractory properties.

20kg Boral Premium Clay

Blue Circle® Premium Clay is a super fine kaolin clay. It is also known as Ball Clay and possesses high plasticity, dry strength and refractory properties.

Typically used as a plasticiser for building renders and mortars. Also used as a general purpose filler.

Cements 20kg Plaster Lime
20kg Plaster Lime

Plaster Grade Quality:
A hydrated lime conforming to AS 1672.1 ‘Limes for Building’.

Typical applications:
Plastering cement renders and mortars, but can also be used in all applications that Hydrated Lime is used for.

20kg Boral Uni-Grout Cements
20kg Boral Uni-Grout

Uni-Grout is a general purpose cementicious grout complying with Class A requirements of SAA MP20 part 3. Shrinkage compensation takes place during the setting period.

Uni-Grout uses Portland cement as the primary binder and special additives to produce the non-shrink characteristics through gas expansion. The formulation is chloride and iron free.

20kg Boral Builders Cement
20kg Boral Builders Cement

It is specifically produced for use in areas such as brickwork and blockwork masonry, construction mortars, solid cement rendering, bedding and pointing of roof tiles etc. Strength at an early age may be slightly lower than GP cements but with appropriate curing, there are advantages in higher later age strengths.

20kg Boral Quick Set Concrete Mix
20kg Boral Quick Set Concrete Mix

A proportioned blend of dry aggregate, graded sands, cement and set accelerating additives.

20kg Boral Sand & Cement Mix

A proportioned mix of selected graded sand and cement binders for patching, bedding and landscaping work

Cements 20kg Boral Bitupak
20kg Boral Bitupak

Boral Surface Treatments for waterproof, anti-slip custom coloured asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces for sporting surfaces where anti skid properties are vital, beautification of pavements, as well as delineation of zoned areas (i.e improved safety and user information) eg. pedestrian forecourts, footpaths, bus lanes.

Areas We Service

We service all suburbs of Greater Sydney, including Bankstown, Parramatta and Blacktown.

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