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We are Open 6 Days and deliver the same day, including Saturday. Conditions apply

No, not necessarily if the load is paid for. We request a contact number at the time of ordering so our driver can contact you when he reaches your site and can obtain specific directions from you. Alternatively you can leave a marker at your preferred site and we will endeavor to tip the materials in its place.

We cannot deliver at exact times, but we can deliver within reasonable windows for sand and soil deliveries. We try and meet your time request within a 30 minute window either side of the time as there could be traffic or unexpected site delays. Turf deliveries are much more difficult to arrange a time for as they are usually done as part of a large run on a truck with a forklift.

Yes we can, depending on quantities. We use plastic to split and endeavor not to mix the materials.

Yes, come along with a trailer or ute, we can tip in your load of sand, soil, pebbles, mulch or mixes with our small front end loader or fork on cement and bulka bags.

Our Elite Sales Team are here to assist you and can work out the conversions for you. Give them your area and the depth and we will help you along the way with quantities, it is there everyday job.

No, not necessarily. We do not store our materials undercover, so if it has been raining the materials will be wet or damp.

All our turf is pre ordered to ensure a fresh cut for you. Orders are required before 4pm and can be delivered the following day with the exception of Sundays. As it is fresh cut, supply is weather dependant.

No, we supply only. We can arrange for the turf to be laid for over 100 m² at an additional charge.

Yes it can, but additional fees apply for the bag and labour involved. We also need extra notice to have the product bagged and delivery may take longer depending on unloading. Generally, it is not economical to get Bulka Bags unless you are buying several bags

  • If a small truck is required or a height restriction is required, please request or notify our Sales Team when placing the order. Ordering a small quantity does not ensure a small truck will deliver the goods.
  • Bulk deliveries are heavy and require a truck. With this in mind, please consider the ground that the truck will drive over. The driver will endeavor to tip where you request but will only do if he feels it is safe to do so. Generally bulk items are tipped off the back of a truck, so LOOK UP. We cannot tip off under carports, trees, phone lines and especially power lines (we must keep well clear of power lines).
  • The same delivery charge for bulk materials does not apply to delivery of Blocks, Pavers, Bricks or Bulka Bags. Delivery fees for these will depend of quantities, unloading method and time frame of delivery.

Areas We Service

We service all suburbs of Greater Sydney, including Bankstown, Parramatta and Blacktown.

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