Sand Supplies

Whether you’re mixing it into a mortar mix for large infrastructure projects, adding some colour to a garden, or if you’re just filling in sand pits for the kids, our huge range of sands and building products will have what you need. As a consistent and high drainage material that is suitable for a range of projects, sand is one of the most diverse and popular landscaping materials. We can deliver building and landscaping supplies on the same day from our huge range, which includes sands, bricks, hardware, tools, mulch and more.

We are known for providing excellent customer service along with a huge range of stock and services for both the general public and construction professionals. We can deliver to customers across Sydney, and no projects are too big or too small for our friendly staff. Get bulk delivery to your worksite now here.

Buy Sand in Bulk

Washed Newcastle Sand
Bulk Delivery Available

Newcastle Sand

Newcastle Sand is a very fine washed sand. Used for rendering, grouting or tiling. It is also ideal for the children’s sandpit.

White Bricklaying Sand (Dixon Maroota)
Bulk Delivery Available

White Bricklaying Sand

Ideal for brick and mortar mix. Mixed with Grey or Off White Cement for different mortar colours.

Yellow Bricklaying Sand
Bulk Delivery Available

Yellow Bricklaying Sand

Ideal for brick and mortar mix. Mixed with either Grey or Off White Cement giving a different colour mortar.

Coarse River Sand
Bulk Delivery Available

Pavers / River Sand

A course sand with small fines which gives good compaction and filtration is ideal for paving or supporting storm water piping. Also used as sand for concrete.

Special Fill Sand
Bulk Delivery Available

Special Fill Sand

Special Fill Sand is a finer white washed sand which is ideal for filling areas or around copper and electrical conduit piping.

Stabilised Sand
Bulk Delivery Available

Stabilised Sand

A blend of cement and sand mixed to the following ratios:
33:1 – 3%
25:1 – 3.8%
20:1 – 4.8%
14:1 – 6.7%
12:1 – 7.7%
10:1 – 9%
9:1 – 10%
8:1 – 11%

**Upon request stabilised sand can be supplied.

Concrete Mix – 10mm
Bulk Delivery Available

Concrete Mix – 10mm

A pre-mix of 10mm gravels and sands, especially for making concrete. You just have to add cement and water. Good for making concrete or core fill blocks.

Your Local Sand Supplier

If you want Sydney’s best supplier of sand for your next project, think Sand4U. We’ve been supplying sand, gravel and other building and landscaping materials since the early 1900s, and we have grown to include a huge range with the same high-quality and personalised service that we began with.

Sand4U has built a reputation for being the place to go for sand and landscaping supplies for anything from large infrastructure projects to small home improvements and sand pits, and our excellent customer service is something you can rely on. We are proud to deliver high-quality building materials to our customers, with serious expertise to ensure that you get the products you need when you need them.

For Building

We offer a huge range of sands for a range of different projects, including concrete sand, sharp and coarse sand. Our building sands are specially mixed to give you a range of construction materials for your project. Our stock includes concrete sand for easy integration with cement for spreading or pouring into moulds and white or yellow sand for laying bricks, which is ideal for brick-and-mortar mixes. Our range of building sands has been specifically chosen for their purity and quality, giving you the best building materials to choose from.

For Landscaping

Sand4U’s collection of landscaping supplies is selected from reliable sources to ensure that our Sydney clients are supplied only with the best resources for the project. Our selection includes paving/river sand used for landscape pavers, special fill sand for filling in trenches, concrete sand, coarse sand, stabilised sand for levelling and bedding and Newcastle sand for rendering or tiling, or as sand for a children’s play area.

Sand Delivery in Sydney

Sand4U delivers six days a week to all areas of the Sydney metropolitan area. Whether you need landscaping materials for an enterprise-level infrastructure project by the tonne, or sand to be used as building supplies for a private home, we ensure that our high-quality building and landscaping supplies will arrive on time at your site. We understand the logistical problems that can come from waiting too long for landscaping supplies, costing you time, money and workers, which is why we work hard to deliver at a time that will suit you best.

In any case, if you require multiple supplies simultaneously, we can supply and organise the shipping of them. For instance, you may require sand and gravel delivery, sand and cement delivery, or other combinations.

Throughout our years of trading, we’ve collected experience working with many different industries, including the building and landscaping industries. We treat all projects equally – none is too big or too small. If you’d like more information about how leading Sydney sand suppliers can help you, place your order or learn about our prices, contact Sand4U today.

Order Sand Supplies

Contact us to place an order of sand supplies and to arrange pick-up or delivery, or call our friendly staff today at 1300 787 485