Landscaping & Building Supplies in Lidcombe

A consistent, quality supplier of building and landscaping supplies is invaluable to any construction project, which is why SAND4U strives to only offer the best to our clients every single time they order from us.

Whether you are looking for bulk delivery of building supplies for a large infrastructure project or looking to pick up a ute full of mulch for your backyard, we’ve got you covered.

Our supplies can be picked up or delivered straight to you in Lidcombe, and our staff is well trained to assist you with any queries you might have, making it simple to get what you need when you need it, with minimum fuss.

Lidcombe’s #1 Supplier of Building & Landscaping Supplies

Finding a consistent source of quality building and landscaping supplies isn’t as easy as it sounds, particularly finding quality resources at a great price.
While other suppliers might struggle to achieve this, SAND4U has made its reputation for the high standards of its goods and its excellent price point, making us one of the preferred suppliers of building and landscaping supplies all across Lidcombe and surrounding areas.

Our products in Lidcombe include:

SAND4U has developed a flexible pick-up and delivery model, with the scalability to supply both large construction and infrastructure projects, as well as smaller professionals and hobbyists. The quality of our products combined with our affordability and flexibility make us one of the most sought after building and landscaping suppliers in Lidcombe.

Lidcombe Building & Landscaping Supplies Delivery

Convenience is at the heart of SAND4U’s business. We want to make receiving your supplies as simple and easy as possible, so we offer delivery services throughout the week, at any time of night or day in Lidcombe. Our standard delivery hours are between 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.

If our standard delivery hours don’t work for you, then we also offer after-hours delivery services, where we drop off your supplies any time of day or night, seven days a week, giving you the chance to choose the best time that suits you and your business.

No matter the size of your delivery, we have the vehicles and scalability to satisfy your requirements. Our delivery vehicles range from small trucks and 6-tonne tipper-cranes to massive 32-42 tonne truck and trailer combinations. This means that whether it is a home renovation or work on an office building, we can supply your needs.

Sand4U trucks lined up

Yard Pick Up

If you’d prefer to pick up your supplies on your own terms then we also offer yard pick-up, allowing you to visit our location in Bankstown, browse our selection, talk to our experienced staff and pick your supplies up yourself.

Small Trucks

Standard Hour Delivery

SAND4U offers high-quality building and landscaping supplies delivered to your door anywhere in Lidcombe 6 days a week, between 6:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Sand4U trucks lined up

After Hour Delivery

Our after-hours delivery in Lidcombe and surrounding areas is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to choose a time and place that best suits your project requirements.