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Choosing the right soil or garden mix can have a lasting impact on the health and well-being of your backyard projects. Different vegetables, fruits or garden plants require different types of soil to properly take root. Understanding what is the difference between fertilised top dressing and turf underlay is the key to creating the right environment for your plants to thrive in. SAND4U has developed a strong culture focused on expert advice, so if in doubt call SAND4U who can help you choose the right soil or garden mix for your project.

Our soils and garden mixes have been specially chosen to offer quality growing material for your plants and help your garden establish deep, healthy roots. We have chosen a premium variety of soils to give you different options for different plant needs, from providing nutrient dense soil to offering different soil densities and water absorption capabilities to ensure that your garden has the right foundations to thrive in.

Soil & Garden Mix Delivery Near You in Sydney

SAND4U has a long history of supplying quality soils to endeavours of all sizes, from large tier 1 builders all the way down to customers looking to start a small garden project of their own. We have an extensive fleet of trucks on site and offer on demand deliveries across Sydney 6 days a week and after hours if necessary.

To discuss how SAND4U might supply your next large project or simply provide the soil for your DIY garden call us on 1300 787 485 today.

Fertilised Top Dressing Soil
Fertilised Top Dressing Soil

This rich superior blend of sand, soil fertiliser and organics is perfect for top dressing. This blend encourages the grass to spread by giving the soil a boost of organics and nutrients into your soil for a healthy lawn. For leveling the lawn we recommend our 80/20 Blend.

Turf Underlay
Turf Underlay

This blend of sand & soil is ideal for under new turf – Buffalo, Couch or Kikuyu. Its sand contact is not too dense and great for the root system to adapt to.

Planter Box Mix
Planter Box Mix

A blend of soil, graded ash, coarse sand, composted sawdust, humus mix and composted pine bark. Suitable for planter box and rooftop applications.

Premium Garden Mix
Premium Garden Mix

A blend of mushroom compost with chicken and duck Manure is ideal for planting vegetables, fruit trees and shrubs. Adds nutrients and increases water movement into the soil mixture, absorbs water quickly and thoroughly


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